IH35 Frontage
 The San Marcos real estate market is one of the hottest markets in the nation. Area growth, economic factors, and the land’s topography dictate that the highest and best use of the land is a mixed use evelopment focused on the continuous care retirement community model that focuses on the needs of the 55 and older age group. Using this model as a guide the development would include, but not be limited to retail, restaurant, and fueling facilities, with an additional strong positioning factor for hospitality on the frontage of IH 35.

Central Area of Las Colinas
 In the central area of the land the topography and positioning of the land lends itself perfectly for the proposed adult multifamily targeting the adult and senior markets. This area will be complimented by parkspace and naturalscape areas to enhance the lifestyle of residents. 

The rear of the Las Colinas San Marcos development has approximately 1000' of frontage on Old Bastrop Hwy. In addition; this area is well positioned to accomodate additional retail, service, office, and other commercial segments. Old Bastrop Hwy Frontage