"The Perfect Storm………….for success."

Our Story: 


Two men with uncompromising integrity, unparalleled business acumen; both driven by an unstoppable determination to succeed.


Envision a city with a warm climate, warm friendly citizens, a low cost of living, and a booming economy all spurred by the unparalleled business friendly attitude of the state of Texas.  That city is San Marcos Texas, a city that has taken the title of “fastest growing city in America” for the third year in a row.  Add to this scenario 92 acres of land located a mere 1.5 miles from the number 3 tourist destination in the state of Texas, the premiere outlet malls that draw millions of visitors every year. Two men, best friends of over 30 years; encountered an opportunity of a proportion that could only be defined by providence.   That is the story of Las Colinas San Marcos.


Reagan T. Dickerson holds a career history of over 7 years in land management and over 23 years of business management in the automotive industry.


Michael G. Wallace possesses an unparalleled career experience of over 27 years in the health and senior living care consulting and management fields, most notably with his recent tenure as President of Daybreak Venture, one of the largest skilled nursing facility operators in the state of Texas.



The History:


Mr. Dickerson, initiating the first step in this equation, managed and acquired enough land to be suitable for development. He assembled separate contiguous parcels into one large tract and initiated the primary processes for development. His next move was the acquisition of approval from the City of San Marcos for wastewater service. He then acquired an approval from the city council on an amendment to the City’s Preferred Scenario Map of approved land uses. This approval allowed the land to be developed according to the projects plan. Mr. Dickerson’s core competencies are sales, marketing, business operations, and finance management. He has successfully acquired and retained specialized market segments during his career for long term sustainability providing remarkable impetus to bottom line profits throughout his career endeavors.


Mr. Wallace, in the second part of the story, took decisive action with perfect timing. His first step was to resourcefully sustain the development financially, then find, negotiate, and secure the acquisition of the capital necessary for the initiation of the Las Colinas San Marcos development. Mr. Wallace possesses a career history of multiple decades in the consulting and management of healthcare and senior living related fields. He is an experienced leader with an unparalleled career history of successful business and financial operations management.  Innately gifted with the ability to negotiate and creatively arrive at solutions to the benefit of all. Mr. Wallace is a proven leader in his profession.


Best friends for over 30 years, these two men are the principals behind the Las Colinas San Marcos development. Each of these two men have a pronounced and thorough understanding of business planning, processes, methodologies, priorities, and revenue generation. These attributes combined with their ability to network and structure mutually beneficial deals make them the natural choice for the guiding force behind the Las Colinas San Marcos development venture.

Michael G. Wallace

Reagan T. Dickerson